Gustavo Gauthier Guazzoni

Gustavo Gauthier Guazzoni

Attorney-at-law - Partner


He is in charge of the labor counseling and social security area of ​​the Firm.

He is responsible for the attention and analysis of complex cases and situations that require a strategic perspective both in the field of individual and collective labor relations and the corresponding advice on negotiation and resolution of individual and collective conflicts.

He usually attends personally and advises both national and international companies.  


He has wide experience in labor advice for companies and other public and private institutions throughout the field of individual and collective labor law and labor relations.

In addition, he has a long trajectory in staff restructuring, negotiation with union counterparts and with the Labor Administration.

He has participated and participates as a business representative in the negotiations of the Salary Councils in sectors as varied as: air transport, fuels, renewable energy, food, cars, auto parts, afforestation and medicines.  

Areas of expertise:

Specialist in labor law and social security and particularly in the regulation of new forms of work.

His work focuses on the design of strategies for negotiation and the construction of solutions for complex and innovative issues that require innovation in the legal field.

He also has high dedication and specialization in the challenges posed by new technologies and new forms of work, including so-called legal technologies or “legal tech” and smart contracts.  

Education and academic activities:

– Attorney at Law, Universidad de la República Oriental del Uruguay (UDELAR).

– Master in Law, Labor and Social Security Law option (UDELAR).

– Adjunct Professor of Labor and Social Security Law (Faculty of Law, UDELAR).

– Postgraduate Professor of Applied Labor Law at the University of Montevideo (UM).

– Academic Assistant of the Dean of the Faculty of Law (UDELAR).