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Compliance Day 2018

Brum Costa Abogados is a professional firm with the goal to assist our clients in the development of their business, providing innovative and high added value services.

Personal, ongoing contact between partners and clients is an essential value of the firm, which strengthens professional relationship and mutual trust.



Our firm offers permanent and comprehensive advice in all the areas of Law; we represent our clients at judicial, administrative or jurisdictional  level in any kind of dispute.


We provide tax planning advice to our clients while strictly ensuring compliance with their tax obligations; and we also count with a highly professionals to represent our clients in tax-related administrative and judicial proceedings.


We render comprehensive advice in the regulatory framework, legal compliance and Money laundering prevention related to financial and capital market entities.

Oscar Brum de Mello

Oscar Brum de Mello

Attorney-at-Law, Notary Public - Partner
His main field of practice is civil, corporate, commercial, insurance, environmental law, and comprehensive notarial consulting.
Leonardo Costa

Leonardo Costa Franco

Attorney-at-law - Partner
Experience: His main area of practice is tax, corporate and banking law, as well as counseling to capital market and financial entities on compliance with regulations and prevention of money Leer más
Gustavo Gauthier

Gustavo Gauthier Guazzoni

Attorney-at-law - Partner
His main area of practice is Labor and Social Security Law, as well as consulting on collective bargaining and conflicts.

Patricia Castañares Pampín

Has wide experience in Litigation, civil, labor and Social Security.

Florencia Tarrech Leguina

Has experience in tax and planning on fiscal matters.
María Paula Garat Delgado

María Paula Garat Delgado

Has experience in tax and planning on fiscal matters, and administrative litigation.
Ma. Victoria Notari

Ma. Victoria Notari Ehlers

Has wide experience on corporate laws, particularly in Commercial Corporate Law.
Magdalena Caorsi

Magdalena Caorsi Lawlor

Notary Public
Has experience in notarial consulting.
María Fernanda Souto Antía

Ma. Fernanda Souto Antía

Public Accountant
She has a vast experience in advising entities subject to compliance.
Nicolás Gómez de Barros

Nicolás Gómez de Barros

His areas of expertise are Civil litigation, Defense of the Competence, Labor and Social Security Law.
Juan Diana Romero

Juan Diana Romero

Has experience in the system design of money laundering prevention, banking regulation and capital market.
Javier Fernández

Javier Fenández Mannocci

Attorney-at-Law, Notary Public
Has experience in litigious, civil, labor, administrative and family matters as well as in the notary area.

Ximena Gámbaro Roglia

Has experience in Commercial and Corporate Law as well as AML politics and procedures.
Macarena Lapido

Macarena Lapido Vanrell

Has experience in Commercial and Corporate Law as well as in Tax and Administrative Law.
Rafaella Viera

Rafaella Viera

Has experience in Tax and Administrative Law, in litigious matters advice as well as in Commercial and Corporate Law.
Mateo Robledo Podestá

Mateo Robledo Podestá

Has experience in litigious matters, especially in the civil, labor and bankruptcy matters.
Gastón Chiquiar

Gastón Chiquiar Rodríguez

Senior Consultant
Has experience in litigious matters, especially in civil, labor and bankruptcy.
Tomás Rpdríguez

Tomás Rodríguez González

Currently studying Law. Fourth year at the Catholic University of Uruguay.
Abril Umpiérrez

Abril Umpiérrez Blengio

Currently studying Law. Fourth year at the School of Law, University of the Republic.
Tomás del Castillo

Tomás del Castillo de Azpitarte

Junior Consultant
Member of the Department of Regulatory Compliance and Prevention of Money Laundering.
Mónica Mateos Sotelo

Mónica Mateos Sotelo

She performs the accounting and administrative activities of the Firm.
Viviana González

Viviana González Morales

Works as a secretary as well as in the administrative area helping in invoicing and collection tasks.

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