Practice Areas

Brum Costa Abogados is a boutique law firm that provides legal services to national and overseas companies that require personalized advisory services on banking, compliance, commercial, labor, tax, civil and administrative law, as well as advice on high-complexity cases that require a global vision of the client needs.


We offer our clients a broad counseling service in civil matters, specially related to contractual, tort and medical liability and insurance law.

Moreover, our professionals are specialized in drafting civil and commercial documents and in the integral counseling in pre contractual negotiations.

Corporate Law and Project Finance

Our Firm provides an integral counseling service to Companies that goes from the beginning of their activities in the country to the day to day functioning of the Company and in those decisions that change the course of business as may be mergers and acquisitions, assistance in different commercial agreements, financing and optimization of company’s structures, etc.

Regarding finance matters, we render a responsive, independent and high quality service to our clients. We advise on regulatory matters, joint ventures and strategic partnerships (providing an efficient interface between the capital providers and our clients); debt restructuring; financial trusts structuring.

The practice area is broad and includes intellectual property, IT, foreign investments, financial services, insurances, corporate issues, among others.

Tax Law

The professionals who are part of our firm have extensive experience in providing tax advice, either in counseling or litigious stage.

Full analysis and dedication of the situation of each client, advising on what concerns the tax aspects involved in every contract, commercial, financing form, as well as in the interests of achieving a better optimization of business structures, among others, are special features of our service.

Through our tax planning service, we help to optimize the tax costs of the client applying adequate legal forms, studying the impact of the exemptions and the correct application of the promotional regimes. Likewise, we analyze your business with a view of the impact in time of the tax law and especially in relation to other jurisdictions.

Regulatory Compliance

Our service consists of rendering professional comprehensive advice in the prevention of money laundering (ML) and terrorist financing (TF). We offer our clients the support in maintaining their ML and TF Prevention Systems, according to the laws and regulations in force in our country and in other relevant jurisdictions.

We advice our clients on the scope of the regulations issued by local and foreign financial regulators, as well as regarding regulations on non-financial sectors (Real Estate agents, Notary Public, trust services in general, among others).

We offer a variety of training courses on ML and TF regulation and control for both financial and non financial supervised entities.

Commercial Law

We have vast experience in advising and carrying out tasks relating to commercial law, such as drafting, review and negotiation of commercial contracts, participation in tenders or bids, competence law, insolvency, liquidations and bankruptcy, mergers and acquisition of companies, securities, stocks, counseling in the compliance with municipal or national bromatological regulations.

We have wide experience in advisement in tasks by giving advice the social type that is more adequate for their needs, and regarding the constitution and registration of companies, appointment of managers and representatives, custody and actualization of corporate books, drafting and modification of by-laws, registration of foreign companies, etc.

Labor and Social Security Law

Our service is oriented to offer counseling on labor and social security matters as well as assistance in the event of labor disputes.

We act also assisting or representing clients in collective bargaining.
We accompany our clients both in the pre-trial stage and in the trial, including participation in defense of their interests through alternative dispute resolution mechanisms.

Administrative Law

The firm represents its clients in civil, commercial, labor, tax and social security, and administrative trials.
The service includes the planning of a correct pre-trial strategy; possible conciliation or agreement; as well as the preparation and presentation of claims, contestation thereof, until the end of the process.

Aware of the need for many clients to avoid the judicial stage, our professionals have the necessary experience for the purposes of reaching extra-judicial agreements, through conciliation or through alternative means of dispute settlement (arbitration and mediation).  
We have an extensive network of correspondents in all the country as part of a comprehensive strategy.

Notarial Area

Within our integral service area, we provide our clients adequate instrumentation within the relevant legal framework, of the various acts and contracts that are necessary for the activity of the client, providing the solemnities and formalities that can apply in each case.