The Firm

Our Mission

Brum Costa provides outstanding legal services, through a renowned professional team with strong expertise across a wide range of Law fields. We provide advice and support to our clients as regards different legal aspects involved in the development of their activities and businesses, coupled with an innovative and first-class value-added service. We seek, always conducting ourselves in accordance with the Law, to prevent and resolve each client’s needs and conflicts, and based on the interpretation thereof we design the best strategy for defending our client’s interests, applying our distinctive talent, experience, commitment and professionalism.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the law firm of choice for leading businesses, appreciated by our prestige, trust, and outstanding services and the expertise and ability of our professionals and members. We seek to create, represent and foster an organizational culture with remarkable ethical and professional values.

Our Values

Trust, honesty and loyalty: Our service is based on developing a relationship of mutual trust between our professionals and clients, where honesty and loyalty constitute fundamental aspects that we strive to renew on a daily basis.

Excellence, quality and accuracy: Our service is defined by its high quality and remarkable accuracy thanks to our professionals’ expertise and in-depth knowledge. We offer the highest-quality advice in accordance with our client’s individual needs.

Talent, commitment and passion: We foster our members’ skills enhancement, optimizing their talents and abilities, to help them reach their full potential and development at Brum Costa. We exercise the Law with commitment and passion; it is the profession we choose every day.

Professionalism, integrity and responsibility: Brum Costa’s members’ professionalism, integrity and constant responsibility towards the team, clients and the community enables us to provide a comprehensive service, working together with experts in different fields, aiming at achieving excellence by continually updating our knowledge and expertise.